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California Cultures in Comparative Perspective Initiative

The University of California, San Diego announces positions that will form an interdisciplinary cluster hire dealing with race and ethnicity in California and other states, regions, and nations undergoing comparable demographic, socioeconomic, political and cultural transformations. These positions will focus on the minority and immigrant populations experiencing tremendous growth in California. Four broad areas of research and instruction will include: (1) the social, cultural, and linguistic aspects of these demographic changes; (2) the economic, social, and political aspects of economic restructuring and globalization for the native-born minority and recent immigrant populations; (3) the political, social, and cultural aspects of the participation of these groups in political life and in changing concepts of citizenship, identity, and democracy; and (4) the multiple aspects of related changes in the arts, expressive culture, and cultural history. These positions will begin in the Fall of 2002.

Communication Departmental website: http://communication.ucsd.edu
Assistant Professor specializing in race, ethnicity and communication. Applicants should have research interests that speak to communication and questions of racial and ethnic formations, primarily, but not exclusively, in California.

Ethnic Studies Departmental website: http://ethnicstudies.ucsd.edu/
Highly distinguished scholar at the full professor level to fill the directorship of this initiative. The successful candidate will have administrative experience and strong interdisciplinary interests, including research and expertise in at least one of the following general areas: (1) new demographics and economies; (2) emerging communities, citizenship, and democracy; and (3) arts, expressive culture and cultural history.

History Departmental website: http://orpheus.ucsd.edu/history/
Assistant Professor specializing in the history of migration and urban transformation in California. Applicants should have research interests which include any of the following areas: urban history, race and ethnicity, transnational and internal labor migration, work and labor movements, religion and culture, popular culture and cultural movements, citizenship, law and democracy.

Linguistics Departmental website: http://ling.ucsd.edu/
Assistant Professor in the linguistics of heritage languages. Applicants should be a qualified linguist with a strong background in linguistics theory and a research program concentrating on the issues of language loss, attrition, maintenance, variation, or incomplete acquisition among heritage language speakers in California. The successful applicant would be expected to develop a program in the teaching of heritage languages.

Visual Arts Departmental website: http://visarts.ucsd.edu/
Assistant Professor who specializes in Latin American art history and visual culture, with expertise in the art of the Latin American diaspora in the United States. The individual should have a record of research in the work of immigrant and native-born minority artists whose work reflects upon Latin American experience in California and mediates the participation of this population in the social, political, and economic life of the United States.

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